Volume 21, July 2022
Topics such as climate change, sustainability, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions continue to be omnipresent. And who could be surprised, when one thinks of the potential global consequences if humanity doesn't manage to limit the rate of the earth’s warming. For the Saarland's steel industry, too, the transformation away from CO2 and toward the production of green steel is currently the most important major project. The relevant supervisory boards have now adopted a clearly defined road for the future, to achieve this aim.

After the cancellation of innumerable events due to the Corona pandemic, more are now - thankfully! - being held with live audiences. We took the Excon in India, the largest trade fair for earthmoving and construction machinery in southern Asia, as an opportunity, after a long break, to again meet customers from the region "live".

Heavy plate supplied by Dillinger is used for numerous imposing structures. Learn here more about Austria’s most sustainable rail project, in which thermomechanically rolled plate from Dillingen is being used for the Obervellach II hydropower plant.

Read the answer to the question "What is a Welding Report?" and also "Why is it of such importance for the preliminary qualification of offshore material?" in our "60 second focus" feature.

Finally, just a few words about our team: this will be "my" last Newsletter, and I will now be devoting my attention to other tasks at Dillinger. I therefore entrust the editorship of the Newsletter 100% to the capable hands of my esteemed colleague, Lisa Peter. Lisa has already been involved in the production of the Newsletter for quite a time, and I am therefore pleased to wish her much enjoyment and many more fascinating topics!

As always, I wish all readers stimulating reading and remain with the most sincere best wishes

Yours, Bettina Huffer
Bettina Huffer
Marketing & Technical Support
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Supervisory boards decide: green steel will be produced in the Saar region
Following the decision of all the supervisory bodies of Dillinger and Saarstahl to convert the existing production routes to the manufacture of CO2-neutral steel, the implementation is now proceeding rapidly: Production of green steel is now slated to begin in Saarland in 2027.
Dillinger Middle East at Excon 2022 in India
Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic more than two years ago the number of trade fairs has enormously been reduced. Fortunately, events are now taking place again in presence such as the Excon in India being the largest construction equipment event in South Asia. Dillinger Middle East participated in this trade fair with a booth.

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The most sustainable railway project in Austria (Carinthia) with Dillinger thermomechanically rolled plates
© Dillinger
The new construction of the Obervellach II hydropower plant in Austria already started in December 2020. The power plant is scheduled to be commissioned in July 2023 and finally go into regular operation at the beginning of 2024. Dillinger supplied 1,200 t of heavy plate for this project.

What is a Welding Report?
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The standard procedure for preliminary qualification of offshore material by the manufacturer consists of a complete assessment of weldability, also known as the "Welding Report". To find the answer to the obvious question - "What is a Welding Report?", along with some interesting background information, take a look at our latest article in the "60 second focus" section.
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