Volume 20, May 2022
Dear Readers,

As an old German folk song tells us, "May makes the world anew"… and we, too, have put together for you some interesting new topics and information.

Last year, Dillinger achieved the upturn. After the two business years dominated by the pandemic - 2019 and 2020 - the company can now look back on

  • a profitable and successful 2021 business year!

DILLINAL is Dillinger’s response to the need for a lightweight solution to achieve extra haulage capacity. The DILLINAL product brochure, shining new as from this month, gives you at a glance all the essential information on

  • DILLINAL proprietary steel.

Learn more about the use of Dillinger heavy plate for Denmark’s largest

  • offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak

up to now, and about the important accompanying contribution made by Dillinger to Denmark’s energy turnaround.

Finally, the "60 second focus" feature contains much interesting information on the subject of

  • "Post Weld Heat Treatment" (PWHT)

for the use of welding in fabrication.

It is my pleasure to wish you all a stimulating read. I look forward, as always, to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

Sincere best wishes from Dillingen,
Bettina Huffer
Bettina Huffer
Marketing & Technical Support
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Key figures for the 2021 financial year for the Dillinger Group
The Saarland steel industry continues to be the most important job training workplace in the region.
© Copyright: Nicole Munninger/SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar
Achieving the turnaround: Dillinger looks back on a successful 2021 business year and was able to significantly increase its operating profit. Net sales recorded a significant increase from €1.645 billion to €2.281 billion. Dillinger Group closed the financial year with an EBITDA of €201.1 million and an EBIT of €80.1 million. The cost-cutting program initiated in 2019 has been implemented quickly and effectively. The final measures will be completed in 2022.
DILLINAL - The lightweight solution to boost haulage capacity
DILLINAL was further developed as a special solution for transportable tanks. Using this weldable, fine-grained structural steel, notable for an even more remarkable combination of mechanical strength and toughness, we exhaustively exploit all potentials for minimising the tare, boosting transportation payloads and thus improves the CO2 balance for the product transported. In addition, we significantly improve the welding processing for the fabrication shop.

© Nightman1965 -
Heavy plate from Dillinger for the Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak
© Bladt Industries
Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm up to now, Kriegers Flak, was commissioned in the autumn of 2021. Dillinger supplied a total of some 45,000 t of heavy plate, making an important contribution to Denmark's energy turnaround.


PWHT applications: What are they?
© Dilinger
"Post weld heat treatment", or "PWHT", is the commonly used term for "stress-relieving annealing". When using welding in fabrication, subsequent treatment of components using PWHT is in many cases an essential part of the process. More details of PWHT applications can be found in our new article under the "60 second focus" heading.

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