Volume 19, March 2022
Dillinger launched the first expansion stage of its E-Service customer platform in February this year. The new "myE-Service" sector augments the range of digital services available with several worthwhile improvements, and still more useful innovations are already being developed. But our aim here is firstly to focus on the latest changes to

  • myE-Service

and to acquaint you with the functions that are now available.

An impressive flood barrier has now been constructed in Britain, with the aim of protecting the town of Boston, Lincolnshire, against flood disasters. This barrier system consists entirely of Dillinger steel. Learn more here about the use of heavy plate from Dillinger for the

  • "Boston Flood Barrier" anti-flooding system.

Finally, our "60 second focus" section contains much interesting information on

  • Dillinger’s quenched wear resistant DILLIDUR steels.

I wish all readers an interesting and stimulating read and look forward, as always, to our readers’ feedback.

Sincere best wishes from Dillingen,

Bettina Huffer
Bettina Huffer
Marketing & Technical Support
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Dillinger heavy plate for UK’s flood protection
© PortPictures i.o.v. Hollandia
The giant flood gate (called “Boston flood barrier”) which has been recently installed in Boston (Lincolnshire) is one hundred percent made of steel from Dillinger.

Immediate digital start using our on-line "myE-Service" customer portal
The benefits are clear for all to see: the individually configurable myE-Service portal displays to Dillinger’s customers all the data relating to their orders simply and clearly. Whether it’s the status of orders or certificates, all relevant information can be found quickly.

© Dillinger

Dillinger wear resistant DILLIDUR quench-hardening plates
© Liebherr
DILLIDUR steels combine maximum wear resistance with simple and dependable workability and weldability. This proprietary steel from Dillinger has been in successful use in a whole range of fields, including earthmoving machinery and mining, for more than fifty years. You can find more information on the subject of DILLIDUR in our latest article under the "60 second focus" heading.

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