News@dillinger I   Volume 17, October 2021
"Anyone who stops getting better has also stopped being good."

This aphorism, coined by the businessman Philip Rosenthal, can be applied to a single person and also, just as well, to the totality of the employees of a company. If the latter is achieved, i.e. this saying is incorporated universally into the collective consciousness, and products and processes are permanently optimised, such companies can then attain top rankings in their industry. The

  • digital logistics twin of Dillinger's rolling mill

will be explained to you today as an up-to-date example of such process optimisation.

Learn how Dillinger is supporting the Kingdom of Morocco in its planned expansion of the use of renewable energy sources. The

  • Abdelmoumen pumped-storage power plant

is to make an important contribution to the country's sustainable energy future.

And, in our "60 second focus" section, you can become acquainted with

  • Dillinger's high-strength DILLIMAX steel quench-hardening plates.

I wish all of you entertaining and informative reading!

Sincere greetings from Dillingen,
Bettina Huffer

Bettina Huffer
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The digital logistics twin at the Dillinger rolling mill
The following article on the digital logistics twin at Dillinger's rolling mill describes how the collection of "practical" experience using a digital twin from a vast quantity of data can be used as an important support system for decision-making.
Dillinger heavy plate for the Abdelmoumen pumped-storage power plant
The Abdelmoumen pumped-storage power plant in Morocco contributes to the further expansion of the use of renewable energy sources around the world. For this project, Dillinger supplied, on the one hand, all the steel needed for the penstock. And, on the other hand, the customer was pleased to make use of Dillinger's "Heavy-plate services ex-works" and received finished flame-cut components and ready-milled plate edges.


Dillinger high-strength DILLIMAX quench-hardening plates
DILLIMAX – a Dillinger proprietary steel – provides excellent properties, including ultra-high mechanical strength, extreme toughness and exceptionally good workability. These properties are the ideal solution for a whole range of applications. The new article in our "60 second focus" feature provides illustrative information on this topic.
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