News@dillinger I   Volume 16, July 2021
Dear news@dillinger Readers,

Test and inspection certificates are an elementary tool for the assured quality control of steel products. In this context, we would like to provide you with some

  • information on forged test certificates

and present to you our service for the verification of the correctness of inspection certificates. This service is, of course, available free-of-charge to all users of our heavy plate material.

Dillinger has expanded its range of qualifications by the

  • certification in accordance with BES 6001 and the approval of DIFENDER proprietary steel in accordance with TL 2350-0000.

An interesting project in which heavy plate of outstanding dimensions supplied by Dillinger essentially plays the central role is examined, in the form of the

  • Borssele offshore wind farm.

Finally, our "60 second focus" explains briefly about the challenges involved when steel is used together with

  • sour gas

and what Dillinger's range of products has in store to overcome them.

Wishing you entertaining and informative reading!

With sunny summer greetings from Dillingen,
Bettina Huffer
Bettina Huffer
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Information on forged test certificates
Time and again we are presented with “copies” of Dillinger  inspection certificates which are forgeries. We offer all users of our heavy plates a verification service. Copies of our certificates can be verified with regard to the correctness of the data compared to the originally issued inspection certificates. More information about this can be found in our customer information.

New approvals and certifications at Dillinger
© Dillinger
In general terms, a quality management system serves the purpose of continuously proving and displaying the quality of the operator's products and processes, determining each customer's requirements and then meeting those requirements as fully and as accurately as possible. A continual need for updating thus arises, driven by new external requirements - and internal potentials - the result being the targeting of qualification for ever new approvals and certifications. Learn more about the latest developments (certification to BES 6001 and approval under TL 2350-0000) here.
Dillinger heavy plate for the Borssele offshore wind farm
Dillinger supplied a large quantity of heavy plate for the five lots of the Borssele offshore wind farm. The steel provided by Dillinger was characterised by its highly innovative nature. The heaviest thermomechanically rolled plates ever produced by Dillinger, weighing around 42.7 t each, were used for this project.


Sour gas – no problem for our special steels
What does "sour gas" mean? What problems can occur if sour gas comes into contact with steel? What is the relevant failure mechanism? And how does Dillinger meet this challenge? This article summarises this complex subject clearly.
Test receptacles for the HIC test (© Dillinger)
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