News@dillinger I    Volume 15, march 2021
Dear news@dillinger Readers,

This Newsletter is addressed immediately, and multiple times, to the vital subject of sustainability. As a premium supplier of high-quality steel plate, Dillinger also has its own unequivocal position - and high standards - on this essential subject. Under the motto of "proactive, CO2-free, efficient" we have – within our group of companies and jointly with our sister company, Saarstahl – given the starting signal for a "green transformation", in other words, for the sustainable production of steel. You can read our statement on CO2-neutral production of steel here.

The first step toward "green steel" was taken last year, with the new coke-oven gas injection system installed on the blast furnace in Dillingen, meaning that we are, with this investment:
  • Ready to start the green transformation
But not only Dillinger, but also the subsidiaries, are focusing and, indeed, investing in this sphere. One example is the
  • "Green steel offensive" at Dillinger France
Sustainability and Dillinger's heavy plates also play an important part when I tell you about the
  • New main offices for the newspaper Le Monde, in Paris
And, under our "60 second focus" heading, you can find a brief exposé of how
  • Flatness of plates
– is measured, not only at Dillinger, and what makes our DIPLAN product special.

I wish you all entertaining and informative reading!

Yours most sincerely from Dillingen,

Bettina Huffer
Bettina Huffer
Marketing & Technical Support
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On your marks for the green transformation
It is the first major step toward the green transformation at Dillinger: the installation of a new coke-oven gas injection system, supplying hydrogen, on the blast furnaces. The end of the road is targeted for 2050 at the latest, with completely CO2-neutral steel production. 

© Dirk Martin, Saarstahl
“Green Steel” offensive with Dillinger France
© Dillinger France
In the context of the programme for decarbonisation of French industry, Dillinger France is receiving promotional funding for the modernisation of Pusher Furnace No. 2 on its rolling-mill line. This is yet another step toward a sustainable steel industry in the context of the "Green Steel" offensive implemented by the Dillinger group. 

Dillinger heavy plate for the Le Monde new headquarters in Paris
This building is an outstanding example of how civil-engineering data can culminate in an absolute architectural masterpiece. Its main structure, perfectly combining avant-garde design and sustainability, is literally carried by Dillinger steel. 

© Dillinger

Flatness is what counts - for DIPLAN, too
Manual flatness measurement at Dillinger (© Dillinger)
The flatness of the product plays an important role in the working and processing of plate material. The EN 10029 standard deals with the flatness necessary for such plates and specifies maximum permissible flatness tolerances as well as the measuring methods available. DIPLAN is the answer if you need especially high standards in the flatness of the plates you order.

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